About Us

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I've always been a huge animal lover. I volunteer, work with, and support many animal rescues and sanctuaries as well as donating a percentage of our proceeds to different local rescues. Many years ago a rescue I love busted a huge puppy mill in Ohio. The condition of these dogs was heartbreaking. There was one dog "Holly" that was in such bad condition they were considering putting her to sleep, they were low on foster homes and she was very bad off. I stepped up and offered to foster her and it was the best thing thats every happened to me.

She became my first foster failure, meaning after months of rehab and love I had fallen madly in love with her and adopted her myself! I've always said I saved her life and she saved mine, I was going through a rough patch at the time. Fast-forward about 7 years...I renamed Holly, Marley, and we had added another foster failure, Raja, to our family. Marley started having some health problems and we (myself and her amazing vet) couldn't figure out why.

We changed her food a few times as often that is the culprit of canine issues. This got me researching dog food and their ingredients as well as researching what diet was best for dogs. This is how I discovered the Raw Diet. I was engrossed by the B.A.R.F.(bone and raw food) and Prey Diet.

My Story

I took my research and consulted with a team of veterinarians and animal experts and formulated and recipe I am extremely proud to have. I did this because not only was any kind of Raw Diet available in my area, the ones online were insanely expensive. There were also lots of conflicting recipes and diets that didn't really cover all the bases, some where even worse for dogs than kibble. (dry food) After researching and seeing first hand all the benefits of this diet I remember thinking how crazy it was that dogs eat anything but this diet.

I started making meals for Marley and Raja, they loved them! I accredit this diet to helping us get a proper diagnosis on her. It as grim but she lived almost a full year longer than any of her vets estimated! Raja just celebrated his 17th birthday and continues not to have health issues.

Making these meals myself was expensive and extremely time consuming! I decided to use my business background and start my own company, This way i could order in bulk and not only make this diet affordable for myself but for all dog owners. This diet is amazing and I aim to make it affordable and available to all dogs (and their owners), all dogs are entitled to a longer, healthier, happier life!

I refuse to alter my recipe as I grow...my meals will ALWAYS be sourced locally, hormone free, antibiotic free, human grade, dye free, preservative free, grain free, GMO-free, gluten free, vegetarian-fed and ethically treated meat.

Marley ended up passing around the time I launched my business, but her name lives on through the company. The medication she was on at the end inspired two of our most popular products. Our Pill pocket mixture as she was on several medications and I struggled to find an affordable healthy and easy to use solution on the market. The medication also made her very hungry and wanting to chew on things, the original treats I gave her to chew on almost instantly showed a weight gain, so I made a low-cal all natural, 100% chicken treat that I named "Marloos", Marley's nickname by my best friend, she loved them and they allowed me to spoil her and keep her happy without her ballooning out quite as quickly.

I miss her dearly and my heart still hurts but it just pushes me forward to keep other dogs from getting sick off poor quality, hurtful food that makes themselves appear healthy, not to mention helping them live almost twice as long! Dogs are family, I myself probably prefer them over humans. Thanks for listening to my story, its a hard one for me to share as I still miss her dearly.