Why Raw?

Why choose Raw?

What Makes us Different?

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benefits of a raw dog food diet

Healthy, Natural, and Fresh Dog Food

  • We source all of our meat locally from real Michigan farms.
  • Our raw dog food meals are easy to feed!
  • We only use Human Grade Ingredients
  • Vet-formulated recipe
  • We make meals fresh and per order.
  • We deliver and offer healthy natural dog treats
  • NO 3d or 4d meats. Competitors can say USDA certified yet use this meat for dogs, this is diseased and dying meat and can be very harmful to your dog! Our meat is HUMAN quality meat only! We believe it to be the best dog food out there!
  • ​We vary the proteins, vegetables, and oils so you don't have to worry about switching food for a varied diet ever again!
  • Raw Dog LLC hires veterans.
  • Supports Local Businesses
  • Supports Woman-Owned Businesses
  • We blanch our vegetables for better absorption
  • ​Our meals come in individual AM and PM meals, making them less messy, impossible to overfeed, and with less chance of contamination.
  • A portion of all yearly sales goes to local animal rescues. We frequently donate gift baskets for fundraisers and offer 50/50 raffle tickets once a year and at events to benefit different local organizations.
  • Our meals reduce and remove plaque and tarter.
  • ​We love dogs and frequently include freebies for your pup to enjoy, We just can't help it.
  • We offer a FREE week of food for all of your dogs per customer referral.
  • ​We offer discounts for foster parents and people who work or volunteer with animals.
  • We offer a military discount. (we love our military and veterans)

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