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Farm to bowl

We love your dog as much as you do!

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What makes us Different?

We source all of our meat locally from real Michigan farms and our raw dog food meals are easy to feed!

We only use Human Grade Ingredients in our Vet-fomulated recipes, using varying proteins, vegetables, and oils so you don't have to worry about switching food for a varied diet ever again!

We also use NO 3d or 4d meats. Competitors can say USDA certified yet use this meat for dogs, this is diseased and dying meat and can be very harmful to your dog! Our meat is HUMAN quality meat only! We believe it to be the best dog food out there!

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Benefits of choosing Raw Dog Foods

Healthier Teeth and Gums: save on teeth cleaning bills and keep oral hygiene to its best! ELIMINATES DOGGY ODOR, no more bad breath! Keep plaque away without doing any extra work!

Lower vet bills: feeding dogs what they are evolutionarily designed to eat will take care of allergy and minor illnesses that account for most vet visits. Just like in Humans a proper, well-balanced, natural diet keeps you healthy and away from the doctors/vets.

A happy, long-living best friend: the oldest dog on record was an Australian cattle dog named Bluey who dined exclusively on kangaroo and emu, this record was recently broken by another dog that was fed Raw from birth. Your dog will live a healthier, fuller life on a Primal eating plan.

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What our customers are saying

Raw Dog is amazing! My dog had itchy skin problems, even though I was feeding him a high quality kibble. After we started feeding him the food from Raw Dog, his skin problems cleared up, his coat became extra shiny, and for the first time he didn't need his teeth cleaned after his annual exam.

My dog has never been so excited to eat his food and I feel great knowing how healthy it is for him. An added plus is the amazing service I get from Sonya, (the owner). She is a gem. I can't say enough wonderful things about this dog food and company!

-Kathy X

Sonya is so amazing!! My pets are very healthy since starting the raw diet over 2 years ago!! I will never go anywhere else! I fully trust her with my pets diets!!

-Sheila C

Sonja is awesome! Very knowledgeable and super friendly. I HIGHLY recommend this business! You won't be disappointed. The raw dog food is very high quality! My dos have dramatically improved their skin, coat and weight!! Your dogs will LOVE their food!!

- Lisa M.

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Company Goals

  • • To maintain the quality of recipe no matter how large we grow
  • • To make this diet affordable for all pet owners
  • • To make this diet available to all dog owners
  • • To enhance the quality of dogs' lives and to make that life a longer healthier one.
  • • To employ persons who may have difficultly elsewhere.
  • • To give back and support local rescues.
  • • To always buy locally and support other local business.
  • • We aim to beware of our carbon footprint and take as much action as possible to reduce waste. We use recycled products and all food "waste" or returns are donated to an animal sanctuary.

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Marley's Legacy

Learn more about Marley's legacy/how this business was started in the "About Us" page

When something grows from passion and love it has no bounds, Raw Dog will always differ from our competitors because dogs and their health come before anything else, that's our "bottom line"

Have a sick Dog? Can't afford Raw? Contact us and let us help you! It would be our pleasure to help you and a way for us to honor Marley and keep her memory alive. 734-353-1011 ask for Sonya.

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